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On June 23, 2014 the FAA released their Interpretation of the Special Rule For Model Aircraft effectively banning the use of all FPV goggles and all flying via first person view.  

That interpretation is open for public comment until July 25, 2014.  

Once the comment period closes, the FAA will consider public input (and the degree of public interest) and finalize their interpretation.  At that point, there will be very few opportunities (short of lawsuits) for the drone community to push back against the FAA’s rule.

Please take a moment to comment on the proposed regulation to the FAA.  My proposal is to consider use of a spotter working with the FPV pilot to see and avoid other aircraft, in conjunction with flying in unpopulated areas and under a specified altitude.

Please try to provide positive solutions in your comment(s) rather than simply pointing out the problems with the ruling.

You can comment here:


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